Owner Name Game Desc
patcdr door_fix SMW Prevents the 255 door glitch
asmagicianmaks easierfinale SMW Easy Bowser Fight
asmagicianmaks privatekey SMW
asmagicianmaks playmylevel SMW
circlefriendo palettes smw List of preconfigured palettes for the Palette module
circlefriendo palettelava smw lava Palette
circlefriendo palettelightblue smw Light Blue Palette
ixitxachitl Fireworks
asmagicianmaks easilyamused SMW subway surfers
asmagicianmaks Irmortononce SMW Pressing L or R takes you to Morton's Castle once
patcdr always_cape
asmagicianmaks Irmorton SMW Pressing L or R takes you to Morton's Castle
asmagicianmaks next SMW
hwailaluta JumpShake
hwailaluta NSMBW_Float
hwailaluta HiGravBad Super Mario World The bad high gravity
hwailaluta speed_is_money Super Mario World Costs coins to run.
circlefriendo palettebajablast smw Baja Blast™ Palette
circlefriendo paletteemerald smw Emerald Palette
daizodeevon magnetismx1 SMW Magnetism
daizodeevon OW_RPGControl SMW RPG control on overworld
daizodeevon RPGControl SMW to move left and right, you individually press the diection
daizodeevon LRControl SMW to move left and right, you hold L/R
daizodeevon autoscroll_vert SMW autoscrolls upwards vertically
circlefriendo leftstar smw Star power when facing left
circlefriendo circlefriendostodo NA A list of stuff I want to work on
soapagent whosesprite SMW is it anyway
circlefriendo enterdoorcommand smw reminder of command to activate screen exits
soapagent shallowstrider SMW vacuous strider
circlefriendo paletteblackout smw Blackout Palette
circlefriendo palettewhiteout smw Whiteout Palette
circlefriendo Palette SMW Edit Palette
circlefriendo paletteiceblue smw Ice Blue Palette
circlefriendo palettestrawberry smw Strawberry Palette
circlefriendo groundpound smw Ground Pound
circlefriendo walljump smw Wall Jumps
friday_donuts foreverinvul SMW
friday_donuts bowspeen SMW
friday_donuts balls SMW Makes bowser drop 4 bowling balls in a row
friday_donuts telemodule SMW
whatdadorgdoin dorg super mario world
friday_donuts dropitem SMW Drops item from reserve
zuccati BouncyWalls Super Mario World
zuccati Test1 Super Mario World
zuccati Airshipcamera Super Mario World
zuccati CasioWater Super Mario World
friday_donuts autorun SMW
circlefriendo palettemac smw one bit Palette
circlefriendo palettegray smw Gray Palette
circlefriendo translucent smw make the fg translucent
circlefriendo paletteblue smw Blue Palette
asmagicianmaks PRGROM SMB
asmagicianmaks CHRROM SMB
asmagicianmaks ReadButBetter SMW
asmagicianmaks addmusic SMW
circlefriendo Music smw Set music to particular song
tjb0607 HiGravity SMW High Gravity by tjb
tjb0607 LowGravity SMW low gravity
asmagicianmaks unload SMW Banned Module
kappatechy TimeCoiner64 SMW Sets coins based on the timer (mod 64)
friday_donuts Bean SMW Drops bean from reserve box
friday_donuts stucc SMW X Speed 0 unless when in the air
friday_donuts ph512 SMW Pseudo H512 magic!
kappatechy Crispy SMW Makes Mario look crispy
kappatechy LieDown SMW Makes Mario rest on the job
kappatechy TimeCoiner256 SMW Sets coins based on the timer (mod 256)
kappatechy FullTimeCoiner SMW Sets coins based on the timer (mod 100)
friday_donuts sus SMW
friday_donuts hello SMW Message for status bar
friday_donuts runjump SMW Swaps buttons for jumping and running
friday_donuts dominance SMW T pose
friday_donuts ranbox SMW
asmagicianmaks postgame SMW
soapagent messeuse SMW
soapagent thetilesL SMW the tilez (2 bytes) (use $7E1869 - 6A to customize)
soapagent thetileS SMW the tilez (use a calling parameter or $7E18A6 to customize)
mrmeyham ZeGoggles Any Guess
mrmeyham CoinPoserSA SMW Coin = Pose
soapagent slopes2 SMW Modifies slope pointers electric boogaloo
circlefriendo gotoroy smw Go to Roy fight
soapagent dropout SMW Periodically disables ground collision
circlefriendo RandomGenerator SMW Select a random generator per level
circlefriendo palettered smw Red Palette
circlefriendo paletteburgundy smw Burgundy Palette
circlefriendo palettematcha smw Matcha Palette
circlefriendo owspin smw Spin on the overworld
circlefriendo palettepurple smw Trans Rights Palette
circlefriendo palettetransrights smw Trans Rights Palette
circlefriendo Alphabet SMW Alphabet defines for status bar
circlefriendo SONIC SMW
circlefriendo Alternating SMW Alternating Double Jump (Motor Skills Double Jump)
circlefriendo WAH smw Waaaaah!
circlefriendo spawner SMW Summons a configurable sprite
tjb0607 FASTfix SMW same as FAST, but with a bugfix for 64+ speed jumps
circlefriendo oftenstar SMW Toggles star power on and off at steady intervals
tjb0607 test-asm ; Example code. Makes Mario crazy.
tjb0607 leapmetothestars SMW forces flight (including yoshi flight), and also sets your speed really fast when you jump
tjb0607 airlock smw locks mario's x speed while he's in the air
tjb0607 tjbs-base-asm N/A Base ASM file for copy/pasting
tjb0607 tjbs-base-asm-with-data-bank-management N/A Base ASM file for copy/pasting - with data bank management
tjb0607 flymetothestars SMW infinite cape flight
tjb0607 slide puts you in regular slide state in the air, and cape's slide state on the ground
tjb0607 speedjumps you have p-speed jumps but you don't have p-speed on the ground
tjb0607 FAST SMW uncaps mario's speed
asmagicianmaks storytime SMW Allows you to write the deep lore of Super Mario World
asmagicianmaks onomatopoeia SMW NMIRQ Testing
kappatechy NotEnoughLives SMW Keep Mario between 2 and 5 lives
tjb0607 flightphases SMW puts you in invalid flight phases
djief SomeSprites SMW
djief NoYoshi SMW
kappatechy proofofconcept SMW Proof of concept for more useful modules
djief WhatSprites SMW
patcdr leveler SMW Loads the level # from carl_initialized
snydej nomosaic Mosaic sucks
snydej kindersurprise Eggs, lots of 'em.
snydej addressing_test
kappatechy timecoiner SMW Sets the coins based on the timer (mod 50)
snydej startpup
snydej easybowser nope!
snydej weightlossmario Mash jump to lose weight
circlefriendo dribbler smw Bouncy with a framerule
circlefriendo waluigi smw load luigi sprite and (eventually) waluigi palette
ixitxachitl sticky
ixitxachitl fastbgscroll
djief TestFrames SMW
circlefriendo starman SMW Star power
circlefriendo peachhover smw SMB2 Princess Peach style hover
snydej startbig Start the level big
snydej blinders
snydej chucks2 Chucks 2: Electric Boogaloo
snydej pjumps Momentary pswitch while jumping
perryman1138 ds
perryman1138 cs SMW
soapagent TooManySounds SMW Overwrites sounds with specific ones
soapagent screeeen SMW makes every room have 255 screens
soapagent mansleftpowerup SMW taking it to new heights
circlefriendo framerulestar SMW Toggles star power on and off at steady intervals
soapagent starite SMW
soapagent mansleftballoon SMW taking it to new heights
snydej rockjump Like double jump except you fall like a rock
patcdr not_chucks SMW
soapagent jumpman SMW whee!
snydej doublejump
snydej mansbestwater
djief NoGreed SMW
soapagent hardcore SMW Putting the 'gamer' in 'gamer'
snydej bowser_hole Spawns a hole in the Bowser fight
mrmeyham EnoughLives SMW Plenty of lives, but count down is a thing
djief HotPotato SMW
snydej bsbs Block snake stops when not stood on
snydej snake_bs
soapagent savetheframes SMW Who needs frames?
asmagicianmaks luigi SMW Luigi
soapagent walkman SMW whee!
djief chuckstest
snydej oddtouch Things behave... odd when Mario holds them.
snydej PoseCoiner (CoinPoser)⁻¹
soapagent slopes SMW Modifies slope pointers
circlefriendo fastfall smw Fall fastly
circlefriendo bullets smw shoot bullets at mario at regular intervals
soapagent mapbackup2 SMW Automatic map backup. Press select on OW to load
soapagent mapbackup SMW allows a write to 0x7E0F3F to save/load map position
soapagent jumpfreeze SMW Press B to freeze!
djief pspeed SMW
djief ResetTables SMW
nambona oopsallbeans
nambona randompalette you need to write to an address to randomize the palette
nambona namex3 smw frick iduno
nambona spriterandom smw some sprites in the whitelist crash and i have no clue why
snydej mansbesthorse He's there for you whether you want him or not.
nambona palettefrick2 smw please don't have epilepsy
snydej alwaysp
circlefriendo rswim
circlefriendo RHover SMW R button hovers
soapagent ducklight SMW Down = not dark
snydej nowater no water
snydej sodalake nowater
djief WeLikeChanges SMW
snydej mansbestpballoon Let's drive this gag into the ground!
snydej autoautoscroll
ixitxachitl up
dtothefourth Weave SMW A horrible weaving HDMA effect
djief DiscoTime SMW Makes all shells disco shells
dtothefourth Kaizod SMW Ties a kaizo block generator to FreeRAM 7FB500
elementaltem Jukebox SMW Press select to move to next music track.
elementaltem AutoDrago SMW No more dragon hunting!
fiskbit OnlyForward SMW Ensures vx is the direction Mario is facing.
djief CapeSlam SMW
snydej mansbestcloud What do you think it does?
nambona palettefrick SMW i'm not sorry
fiskbit DontLetGo SMW Pushes Mario left when not holding any buttons
nambona namex2 SMW i'm still not sorry
djief GoombaYoshi SMW Puts Goombas in Yoshi's mouth
snydej oopsallmagikoopas All Magikoopas.
snydej save Allows saving after every level
lineprinter keyhole spawn a keyhole
lineprinter keys give keys
lineprinter truename P A T C D R
nambona soundsohfrick smw sounds
lineprinter cointimer coins decrease the timer
soapagent ShakeIt SMW constantly sets Layer 1 shake timer
soapagent reservelottery SMW Every possible value
soapagent lr_door SMW Hold L/R to enter door/pipe.
snydej blowshi Yoshi? More like Blowshi! 🤣
ixitxachitl josh
ixitxachitl stars
ixitxachitl fin
soapagent Decathlon SMW Mario moves like Activision Decathlon -- see code comments for controls
soapagent xycoin SMW Pressing X/Y gives coins
nambona spritechanger smw changes all sprites onscreen on a write to 7fa400 and 7fa401
nambona hdmaseizure SMW i'm still not sorry
nambona namex smw experiments
nambona flipdir SMW Flips Mario's direction+speed every 60 frames (and locks Left and Right for 12 frames after the flip)
soapagent BGMorph2 SMW Periodically changes background color based on screen position and Mario's speed
ixitxachitl stoned
ixitxachitl singlescreen
ixitxachitl slip
fiskbit LeapBack SMW LeapOnce, but sends you backward
ixitxachitl holdup
fiskbit bigboosprites SMW Sprites are big boos when not being looked at
nambona bruh SMW bruh
ixitxachitl powers
ixitxachitl reverse
ixitxachitl flipscroll
ixitxachitl layer2control
soapagent BGMorph SMW Changes background color based on screen position and Mario's speed
lineprinter easymodo smw
lineprinter yoshitest smw
lineprinter hereyougopat smw
ixitxachitl climb
ixitxachitl float
ixitxachitl star
ixitxachitl waves2
ixitxachitl FastBowser
snydej lrdoor Pressing L or R enters a door or pipe maybe
ixitxachitl holda
ixitxachitl behind
ixitxachitl egg
ixitxachitl heart2
ixitxachitl spoopy
ixitxachitl scrolly
ixitxachitl waves
ixitxachitl heart
ixitxachitl rasta
fiskbit LookBeforeLeap SMW Require careful jumps.
soapagent randBooRingFast SMW Randomize boo ring angle every frame (adapted from tjb's rand64)
snydej walkout Enables the side exit flag
soapagent porcusprites2 SMW snydej's boosprites2 except with porcupuffers
furyfulfawful awarpdash SMW player can warp in the direction of the dpad by pressing A
circlefriendo apower SMW Designate an A button power
mrmeyham SquigglesTest SMW Testing
mrmeyham CoinPoser SMW Coins = Pose
snydej rdoor
furyfulfawful disco_sprites SMW Make all sprites fallow mario like disco shells
snydej lrmorton Pressing L or R takes you to Morton's Castle
ixitxachitl AnnoyingJumpSounds SMW
soapagent randBooRing SMW Randomize boo ring angle (adapted from tjb's rand64)
tjb0607 96exit SMW completes the overworld on init
furyfulfawful randomlag SMW
tjb0607 rand64 smw randomizes $64
furyfulfawful spreadfaster SMW spreads tiles even faster!
tjb0607 hurry keeps speeding up the music
furyfulfawful disco_pswitch SMW
snydej oddraft
hwailaluta powerup_bumpers2 Some other powerup states
snydej boosprites2 Sprites are boos when not being looked at
furyfulfawful rwarpdash SMW player can warp in the direction of the dpad by pressing R
snydej oddwater
snydej coinrun Running costs coins
circlefriendo RSwitch SMW R button activates P-Switch
circlefriendo slowfall SMW Fall slowly
circlefriendo CFFeatureRequest Suggested Features
circlefriendo Addresses Ref Addresses used by various other modules
snydej boosprites Sprites are boos when not being looked at
fiskbit ReserveRoulette SMW Shuffles the item box
perryman1138 pss
circlefriendo throwblocks smw
furyfulfawful instant_p_speed SMW Player gets P-speed as soon as hitting normal running speeds
perryman1138 lclr SMW
tjb0607 warp SMW allows for a chat command to initiate a warp to a specific level
tjb0607 spreadfast SMW dtothefourth's "duplicating tiles" patch, but every single frame
tjb0607 spread SMW dtothefourth's "duplicating tiles" patch.
perryman1138 caper SMW
perryman1138 psx SMW
perryman1138 psr SMW
tjb0607 airjump SMW jump literally anytime
circlefriendo CFCombo SMW Combining multiple scripts into one to save slots
tjb0607 freeyumps SMW gives p-switches to do free yumps with
perryman1138 nomentum SMW
perryman1138 hwrap SMW
perryman1138 altjumps SMW
perryman1138 stickyhands SMW
perryman1138 aimedbills SMW
circlefriendo CFinit
perryman1138 lowgrav SMW
circlefriendo FakeJSR
circlefriendo SLeappery SMW Combining multiple scripts into one to save slots
circlefriendo LRStatus SMW L and R button indicators on the status bar
fiskbit LeapOnce SMW Leap, but sets vx once
fiskbit Darkness
circlefriendo r_stars SMW R button toggles star power
circlefriendo Purchase SMW Buy Big Status for 5 coins
circlefriendo Slippery SMW Remove all ground friction
circlefriendo LeapForward SMW Leap forward on jump
fiskbit LRDash SMW L and R give left and right dashes
circlefriendo pbooster charge pmeter faster
snydej ikoopa
snydej mks Spawns Magikoopas
snydej easysecret Makes getting the secret exit reallly easy
circlefriendo MELON SMW Change Mario's name to MELON
snydej nomush Replaces mushrooms
snydej healthsometimes Gives you some capes in combination with nomush
circlefriendo timer SMW countdown
snydej health Gives you some capes
snydej hardbowser
circlefriendo lives SMW inf lives
snydej random
fiskbit Dribble SMW Constantly bounce
fiskbit Bounce SMW Occasional hops
earthmelon NoLeft SMW
snydej fuzzies Spwan fuzzies
tjb0607 springs SMW gives mario a spring if he doesn't have one
tjb0607 shells SMW gives mario a shell if he doesn't have one
fiskbit FatMario SMW Coins slow you down
fiskbit LeapLess SMW Slowest Leap
fiskbit LeapHalf SMW Slower Leap
snydej pbpowerup Every powerup is a p-balloon
hwailaluta Magikoopa
fiskbit AntiAutoscroll SMW Scrolls opposite the direction is Mario facing
fiskbit NoSpin SMW Disables spin jumps
fiskbit NoFlyZone
fiskbit Spin2Win
snydej autodrop
snydej chucks
fiskbit Leap
fiskbit Ebb
fiskbit Sparkles
fiskbit Powerups
snydej Item-swimming